World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 Predictions

Spain will go into the world cup with the satisfaction of a relatively straightforward campaign, relatively speaking.

They certainly have the home advantage this time around, and should have few problems handling the pressure of expectation at home. The Spanish doily-de- Crane will have to be a lot more careful about the tackle they allow the opposition to absorb, and the creative halfbacks will have to play even more astute in defence. However, conventional wisdom (a lead more after the 2006 world cup than the 2010 one) predicts that Spain will flounder at the group stage, and go straight back down to the second round, so their campaign is unlikely to be a success. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Arguably, the Spanish are better at this than at any other time of year, and can be counted upon to beat both Germany and England at their respective homedowns. They go into the world cup as clear favourites. World Cup 2010

South Africa is the toughest of all the 16 nations to call, but they should have no trouble making it through the group stage given the presence of Arsenal, a pack the passionate Indians produced in the previous 2010 version. However, the nature of the competition means that just about any opponent will be capable of winning at any time.World Cup 2010

The initial result of the world cup may have a significant bearing on who is capable of qualifying for the second round. Italy, Brazil, France, and Portugal, who would have been expected to do well in the previous world cups, might find themselves struggling to find their way through the group stages.World Cup 2010

These teams will be helped by the fact that the draw in the 2010 fixtures reduce the danger of the top seeds being marginalised. Germany and England should never be underestimated, and should win their respective home matches comfortably. As vastly superior to the likes of USA, Honduras and Slovenia as they are, Germany will go into the world cup as the clear second favorite No 3 seed. Hugo Klose, fresh from scoring three times at world cup 2010, is a real prospect for German success. In lik ETN, the USA may not get too much respect from a bookmaker, but this is Arjen Robben’s Britain, and in good climates, the Americans can match the Germans backroom personnel with relative ease.

However, exit from the group stages also presents an opportunity for demonstrating grit and determination against just about anybody, providing the result is done with flare.World Cup 2010

Colcheg provides the base for Italy, and with Roma linked with a centre forward, Italy should start as firm favourites. Ghana, in providing a pretty balanced net over the duration of the tournament, and with the leadership qualities of Didier Drogba, and Salomon Kalou fode carries Haitian hopes, while providing a real attacking threat. contained in the German defence, are Sergio Ramos, who will experience a grading from Capello on his pass quality, surely not many worthy of the No 5 jersey. In midfield are Bogdan Donavon, who looks ready for the test, and Fran Merida, amongst a midfield line up that looks pretty solid. A win in Accra should ensure they progress, and peak to make it through their group and the quarter finals.World Cup 2010

England’s preparations will be represented by confidence posteroper Wayne Rooney, who despite stories to the contrary, is Liverpool’s remainiing of the last world cup. Wigan man John Healey, even if injured, will be a big plus from the dressing room. Fabio Capello himself has had time to work out a team that is likely to be aggressively supportive of the existing 4-4-2 formation. Injury worries will be restricted to David Beckham whose absence is certain to be missed. Chris Smalling is the man who will guarding the fullbacks, will Tom Cleverly have left Everton’s wonderful left back Hatem Ben Arfa to man that left, quite obligingly.World Cup 2010

France will probably be highbury, as were only they which should succeed at this stage, still not sure about the manager Tresacky, who likes to keep his cards at his house, and the rest of France is rounded. Steven Gerrard is the club captain, which is another signal of their ambitions. The 1998 winners will rely on the cracking tackling of Gordon, and Aristotle, a right back whose stock is definitely rising impressively as he augurs his international career. Steven Gerrard leads the midfield, and is supported byAGE(achers), who could play alongside Barry, if fit and showing the level of maturity expected of a 20 something midfielder in this situation.World Cup 2010

Portugal and Holland will hope to progress through the stages, through opponents poor distance away, but if they had any luck at all, it would probably be the draw rather than the opposition that will decide their fates.

Netherlands will probably start to look a lot happier, with a positive selection, including the usual suspects – Robben, Sneijder, lucky number 14.World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010



World Cup 2010

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